Steve Bannon_ “Donald Trump’s Victory in 2016 Was Providential… In 2020 Donald Trump Won a Bigger Victory”

Steve Bannon: “Donald Trump’s Victory in 2016 Was Providential . . . In 2020 Donald Trump Won a Bigger Victory”

One can argue that following Corey Lewandowski’s lack of experience and Paul Manafort’s misguided leadership, it was Steve Bannon’s entrance into the 2016 Trump campaign that put him over the top, destroying Hillary Clinton’s vision of being President. Now, the pundit is taking time to speak out further about 2020 election fraud even as most conservative news outlets have abandoned the topic.

On Saturday, Bannon was the keynote speaker at the Pima County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner. According to The Gateway Pundit:

Steve Bannon opened up with this: Let’s cut to the chase, Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 was providential. Right? Anybody here debate that? Donald Trump would be the first to admit, he’s not the “churchiest” guy in this country, but it was divine providence that worked through him for that victory in 2016… We had a man a message and a plan, and we won the greatest come-from-behind victory in the history of this country. Why? Because his message resonated with working-class and middle-class people who understand that something has to change in this country. In 2020 Donald Trump won a bigger victory in this country. And I will debate any person, take on any presidential commission, go before Congress, do anything they want, and show them the receipts, starting here in Arizona!…

…The 2020 big steal is just as providential because now there’s no more fooling ourselves, there’s no more kidding ourselves. We know exactly what they stand for… We lost more elections since 1968 and let’s be brutally honest, we lost the country! Think of where we are today… Look how radical they are. Let’s be blunt, the model they want to pursue is the Chinese Communist model, slightly dialed down. We didn’t change China. They changed our elites. What they want is a type of state capitolism, with a total authoritarian government, with social media scores, all of it. And they couldn’t be more blunt about how they are going to do this. That is why Arizona is so important…

…It was mathematically impossible for Joe Biden to win.

Here’s the speech:

Most in conservative media have given up on the fight to expose 2020 election fraud. But the Constitution is being subverted every day that passes with Joe Biden fraudulently occupying the Oval Office, so the fight must continue.