Stephen Miller Explains the Difference at the Border Between Trump and Biden in One Tweet

One does not need to follow any Twitter accounts to realize the border crisis is a direct result of the Biden-Harris regime’s policies. We often hear about all of the many ways things have changed at the border from understaffing of Customs and Border Protection to mishandling of information being distributed to those south of the border.

It really comes down to one thing: How illegal aliens are handled once they are captured. Former White House Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller broke it down in a Tweet:

In 2020, under Trump, there were zero discretionary releases on the border—all illegals were either deported (expedited removal), expelled (Title 42), sent to Mexico (return to territory) or sent to a third nation (Safe 3rd). Biden replaced a policy of removal with MASS RELEASE.

If illegal aliens believe they’ll be allowed to stay, they’re exponentially more likely to make the dangerous trek to the southern border. If they think they’ll be sent back immediately, they won’t come. It’s that simple.