Step 1: 2000 Mules — Step 2: Pull the Ripcord

The release of 2000 Mules, the documentary about massive, widespread voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election, has already made waves across the country. But if you thought the team of Dinesh D’Souza and True the Vote were done, think again. 2000 Mules was just the beginning.

According to their website, True the Vote is releasing the information used to make the movie, including information about the people responsible. According to The Gateway Pundit:

The movie discusses the Democrat-linked stash houses but does not mention any names or locations.

Last night Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips announced they will be releasing ALL of the addresses of the ballot stash houses.  Look for the Democrats to squirm.

In the movie credits the investigative team lays out what comes next.  If you click on the QR code at the end of the movie you will see what is coming next.

Here’s the video:

As I tweeted after seeing the movie, “Any “conservative” who says we should move on from the 2020 election is asking us to abandon our oath to defend the Constitution. Until there is justice, there is no moving on.”

We have a nation to save. That doesn’t mean pretending like the 2020 election theft never happened. It means holding people accountable for their desecration of the Constitution.