Statues of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor Inexplicably Put Up Next to John Lewis in NYC's Union Square Park

Statues of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor Inexplicably Put Up Next to John Lewis in NYC’s Union Square Park

What do a civil rights activist, a victim of a no-knock police raid, and a fentanyl-dosed criminal have in common? Apparently, they’re supposed to somehow represent the state of Black Lives Matter in New York City, though we’re not really sure how it all fits.

In Union Square Park in the heart of New York City, matching statues have been placed representing Congressman John Lewis, “wrong place at the wrong time” victim Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd whose only redeeming quality among the Black Lives Matter folks is that he died from fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest. The three could not have less in common other than the color of their skin, yet somehow they’re being associated together.

I was never a fan of John Lewis’ radical brand of politics when he was on Capitol Hill, but his credential as a leader of the Civil Rights movement are unquestionable. For him to be associated with the other two who did nothing of note other than have police involved at the times of their deaths is ludicrous.

Taylor was a victim both of bad life choices as well as a disastrous no-knock raid on her home. As for Floyd, his death marked the beginning of a reign of terror that swept across the nation last year and arguably into this year. Neither of their lives came to close in significance to matching Lewis’ so giving them equal status goes against the whole point of the exhibit.

The backwards thinking of the radical left conflates a lifetime spent fighting for a cause with bad circumstances surrounding the deaths of two people. But it sustains the Neo-Marxist narrative and anti-police sentiment, so there’s that.