Andy Ngo

SPLC Hits Andy Ngo Over Associations, So Andy Ngo Obliterates SPLC With Facts

Journalist Andy Ngo is accustomed to being attacked by the far left. He has been physically attacked more than once. Others have been attacked because people thought they were Andy Ngo. To racist leftists, we Asian-American men look the same, I suppose.

His latest attacker is a journalist at the Southern Poverty Law Center, also known as the hate group that pretends to expose hate groups. They made a good chunk of coins conning radical progressives into attacking supposed hate groups, and while some of their targets are truly despicable, most have done little wrong other than not embrace wokeness or globalist, Neo-Marxist principles.

Journalist Jason Wilson from SPLC contacted Ngo for comment regarding a hit piece he was writing about “right wing extremists” and their use of SubscribeStar, a freer-speech alternative to progressive Patreon. Wilson laid out the pertinent parts of his hit piece and allowed Ngo 24-hours to reply. So, her did…

Hello Mr. Wilson,

What matters to me as a journalist is accuracy in reporting, not the politics of who reads or shares my reporting among my one million plus followers on social media.

But I find your guilt by association tactic fascinating given that a shooter convicted on firearm, assault and terrorism charges in Washington, D.C. used your organization’s “hate map” to pick his target for a mass shooting that was fortunately thwarted.

To echo your question to me, why do you think Floyd Lee Corkins II liked your organization’s content?

Is this latest blog pitch an attempt to deflect from the SPLC’s bad publicity after minority employees spoke to CNN about your organization’s “systemic culture of racism and sexism”? You state my work “attacks” Muslims, transgender individuals, and people of color. Did this consideration enter the SPLC’s editor’s room before or after your organization paid $3.375 million to settle a defamation lawsuit by a Muslim man?

On the topic of financing, I will continue to maintain a broad profile of platforms for people to choose where they support my work. SubscribeStar should be lauded for resisting censorship campaigns from disinformation groups like yours.

Additionally, I note that your organization sits on a half-billion dollars of assets, including nearly $162 million in offshore funds, according to an audited financial statement. Does the SPLC plan to bring that number down, or will it continue to ask for more donations every day?

I hope you have a wonderful Platinum Jubilee for the Queen this weekend.

Andy Ngo

It’s getting more and more challenging for conservatives, populists, and even the rare leftist who supports free speech or who isn’t sufficiently woke to operate financially as individual content producers. I know from first-hand-experience how easy it is to be canceled by leftist financial companies like GoFundMe and Patreon. Ngo has multiple outlets through which he can receive donations, most notably SubscribeStar which is the centerpiece of the SPLC’s attack. I like GiveSendGo myself based on the Christian foundation of the company.

Here’s the bottom line: Southern Poverty Law Center operates a con in which they take hundreds of millions of dollars from people to “support” their claims of hatred from the political right. They don’t just report fake news. They create it.