Sperry: Hunter Biden Under Federal Surveillance Over Partnerships With CCP-Tied Figures, Including Che Feng, AKA “Super Chairman”

This is an absolute bombshell if true, and Paul Sperry from Real Clear Investigations does not generally drop news unless he has reliable sources feeding him the intel. The latest report claims Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden Crime Family are under investigation and even surveillance over their relationships with high-ranking CCP-affiliated people and businesses. If true, it means many have been correct in believing the Biden regime may be beholden to Beijing through blackmail and other avenues.

According to Sperry:

DEVELOPING: US counterintelligence officials tell me Hunter Biden has come under federal surveillance amid growing concerns his partnerships with CCP-tied figures–notably Che Feng, aka “Super Chairman”–could “compromise” the president or help Beijing gather US intel thru Hunter

DEVELOPING: US counterespionage officials investigating alleged contacts between Hunter Biden and members of CFIUS during Chinese takeover of US firm making automotive parts w/ dual-use technologies. CFIUS approved the sensitive 2015 deal, which had national security implications

FACT: The Bidens are the first First Family formally in business w/ a Communist police state/national security threat. Hunter retains 10% stake in Shanghai-based BHR controlled by Bank of China

FACT: Bidens are the first First Family to do business with a mob family–the Bulgers

Previously, Sperry had hinted at unfolding details regarding Hunter Biden and the rest of the Biden Crime Family, posting on July 2:

BREAKING: Sources say FBI/DOJ have wiretaps of comms b/t Hunter, Jimmy Biden and their Chinese nat’l business partner Chi Ping Patrick Ho, aka He Zhiping, obtained from FISA warrants. Fearing CEFC ties to ChiCom mil intel, Hunter monitored as subject of C.I./FARA probe since 2018

Is Joe Biden being controlled by the Chinese Communist Party? Are Hunter and James Biden compromised to the point that Joe Biden himself is beholden to Beijing? The deeper we get into the story, the more damning it appears for the Biden Crime Family.