Judge Lloyd U. Nolan, Jr

Soros-Loving DC Judge Releases Thug Seen in Video Firing Over Two Dozen Rounds Into a Vehicle

To those who think the Soros influence over our justice system is relegated to District Attorneys, here’s something to chew on.

Judge Lloyd U. Nolan, Jr, from Washington DC just released a young adult accused of firing over two dozen rounds into a vehicle on a busy street. According to Nolan, Amonte Moody does not pose a public threat.

Video shows that Moody is the last person you want on the streets of DC or any other street of America. But Judge Nolan, who has been openly “woke” and involved with a Soros “justice” organization, thinks otherwise.

We have to understand something very clearly. It’s not that Nolan is stupid. It’s not that he’s just super-forgiving and willing to give Moody the benefit of the doubt. These Soros puppets WANT more violence. They WANT fewer repercussions for violent criminals. They WANT the streets to be even less safe than they already are.

In the chaos their ideology can rise. Through turmoil they can convince people they need government to protect them without realizing it’s the government from which they need protection.

Pray for America. Here is the story generated from corporate media reports…

A Washington, D.C., judge named Lloyd U. Nolan, Jr., who serves as a magistrate judge on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, has come under scrutiny for releasing on bail an 18-year-old named Amonte Moody. Moody is accused of firing over two dozen rounds at a car full of people along a busy street. Nolan’s decision to release Moody on house arrest has sparked controversy, with prosecutors requesting an emergency hearing to potentially reverse the decision.

Nolan’s online presence reveals a history of progressive activism, including a post in which he boasts about being “woke,” a post supporting Black Lives Matter, and a post indicating he donated to a fundraiser supporting a professor with ties to George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. This professor, Jonathan Rapping, founded an organization called Gideon’s Promise, which focuses on training and supporting public defenders in the Southeastern United States.

Conservatives have criticized Nolan’s decision, citing concerns about the influence of political and social beliefs on judicial decisions. They argue that the release was inappropriate given the nature of the alleged crime and the evidence against Moody. Prosecutors argued that Moody’s release is a sign of a larger issue with the criminal justice system, which they believe has been influenced by progressive activism and the financial support of individuals like George Soros.

Despite the charges against Moody, which include endangerment with a firearm, possession of a weapon, and assault, Nolan concluded that Moody was not a threat to the community. Moody was released on house arrest with a GPS monitor on May 3.

Prosecutors argued that the release was inappropriate given the nature of the alleged crime and the evidence against Moody. They cited video evidence and witness statements as proof of Moody’s guilt. However, a spokesperson for the D.C. court system defended Nolan’s decision, stating that all defendants have a presumption of innocence and that the judge had considered Moody’s lack of prior encounters with law enforcement, as well as the educational support and family and community resources available to him.

In light of Nolan’s controversial decision, conservatives argue for a more balanced approach to criminal justice that prioritizes public safety and the rights of victims, while still ensuring a fair trial for the accused.