Soros-Backed Media Matters Executive Director Takes Credit for Radical Group Getting Project Veritas BANNED From Twitter

It should come as no surprise that George Soros and his radical progressive proxies at Media Matters were possibly behind the suspension of Project Veritas and founder James O’Keefe on Twitter. By “possibly,” I mean that their Deputy Director of External Affairs took credit for it, which may or may not be true. We know for sure they tried, but how much their efforts contributed to the bannings last year is undetermined.

In other words, it’s just as likely that Media Matters has delusions of grandeur as it is that they got Twitter to ban the investigative reporting accounts. It’s not like Twitter would have needed much prodding to get rid of accounts that have exposed multiple companies and politicians on the left, including Twitter itself.

According to One America News:

Whether Media Matters made it happen or not, Project Veritas has been off Twitter for a while. They may be among many who want Elon Musk to step in and fix things. Then again, they may be like many of us who simply don’t care about Twitter.