Socialist Squad Member Rashida Tlaib’s Coded Pro-Hamas Message to Kill

(WND)—In June of 1967, during the Vietnam war, Hanoi released a propaganda photo of American pilot and POW Navy Cmdr. Paul Galanti, in prisoner garb, sitting on a bench in a large, empty room – a blank stare on his face. He sat with his hands resting between his knees. Unbeknownst to his captors, Galanti was able to convey a coded message in the photograph to those familiar with the code. A closer look revealed, he had extended the middle fingers of each hand. In Western culture, the message of “flipping the bird” is well understood. It is an obscene hand gesture expressing an insulting message, dating back to the days of the Romans who called it “digitus impudicus” or “the insulting finger.” However, Galanti’s finger display was something totally unfamiliar to his Vietnamese captors.

The above story is telling of one man’s courage in sending a coded message relaying how he honestly viewed his captors despite risks to his person for doing so. Today, a shameless congresswoman used code to send the Muslim world a message promoting violence and death to Jews – a message she undoubtedly thought would not be decoded by a Western world unfamiliar with Palestinian culture.

Rep. Rashid Tlaib, D-Mich., is the first Palestinian to be elected to Congress. In the wake of the barbaric attack by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas into Israel, triggering the current war in Gaza, she has failed to condemn the group while demanding Israel stop its “genocide” as it seeks Hamas’ destruction.

Additionally, Tlaib has posted false information on her website to incite antisemitism. She blames Israel for bombing a hospital actually hit by a misguided rocket fired by another terrorist group. Despite the truthful revelation about terrorist responsibility for the errant firing, she still irresponsibly refuses to remove her false claim about Israel from the web, continuing to incite antisemitism.

It is outrageous for Tlaib to accuse the Israelis of genocide. Civilians killed in Israel – babies, young people attending a concert, the elderly – were specifically targeted by Hamas because they were innocent. Civilians killed in Gaza are unintended targets of Israel who unfortunately became collateral damage due to Hamas intentionally locating its military resources – as it always does – within civilian facilities and residential areas.

Meanwhile, Hamas refuses to allow Palestinian residents to heed Israel’s warning to evacuate impact areas as the terrorist groups wants the Palestinian body count to climb in order to trigger further condemnation of Israel by the world community. It contributes to that body count by shooting those citizens attempting to flee in compliance with Israel’s warning.

Tlaib falsely posted a message to President Joe Biden about supporting Israel claiming, “The American people are not with you on this one” and suggesting that in supporting the assistance of Israel he is complicit in genocide. While there are numerous actions Biden has taken to date that most Americans oppose, two-thirds actually favor his support for Israel.

There is another reason Tlaib’s genocide claim is outrageous – she, in reality, has been encouraging the genocide of Israelis via coded messaging. She first conveyed this message in 2019 upon entering office and has repeated it in the aftermath of the Oct. 7 Hamas raid.

When she took office, Tlaib immediately displayed a map of the Middle East upon which a post-it note was placed over Israel with “Palestine” written on it. She took great satisfaction in demonstrating that the solution she sought for the Israel-Palestine conflict was not the two-state solution the U.S. government was pushing but a one-state solution that could only occur with Israel’s eradication.

In calling for a free Palestine, Tlaib often uses the phrase, “from the river to the sea.” This is a reference to the area between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea. She used the phrase again in a post-Oct. 7 statement, falsely explaining it “is an aspirational call for freedom, human rights, and peaceful coexistence, not death, destruction, or hate.” Her explanation is total BS. As the geographical area referenced by her includes Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, this is a message of hate. The phrase has but one meaning – the destruction of Israel and the genocide of its people to establish Palestine as a single state occupying the entire geographic area.

Just like Tlaib rejects a two-state solution, so too do Hamas and other terrorist groups threatening Israel. Yet Tlaib seeks to camouflage this intent by posting the following absurd comment: “My work and advocacy is always centered in justice and dignity for all people no matter faith or ethnicity.”

While Tlaib has encountered criticism previously for her antisemitism, even her fellow Democratic congressional members have finally had enough. Accused of levying “unbelievable falsehoods about our greatest ally, Israel, and the attack on October 7,” Tlaib was finally censured as 22 Democrats joined Republicans in voting 234-188 to do so.

It is unconscionable that Tlaib refuses to condemn Hamas for its brutality, saving her condemnations for Israel alone as it seeks to destroy the terrorist group for its never-ending determination to kill every surviving Jew.

Islamic ideology has taught its followers that killing non-believers is a right of passage to rewards in the afterlife. That ideology, codified in the Quran, promotes the belief that Muslims have available to them a license to kill non-believers, especially Jews. Such Islamic-inspired hatred is why tens of thousands of Muslims fought for Germany during World War II. While it is fortunate that the vast majority of Muslims choose not to accept this license, terrorist groups like Hamas do.

It is disturbing to think we have a sitting member of Congress who, by her actions and based on her Islamic faith, knows this yet still promotes the belief to Hamas and others of the availability of this license to do violence and kill non-believers in order to establish a Palestinian state stretching “from the river to the sea.” She is most deserving of the digitus impudicus salute!

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