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Social Media Calls Out Dear Leader Biden’s Voters for Ukraine: “You Have to Own This — All 81,000,000 of You”

Gab, Twitter, and other social media sites have been brutal today for Biden voters. While some are taking the odd approach of pretending that it’s a good thing Joe Biden is in the White House instead of Donald Trump, most are either silent or changing their tune about the Dear Leader.

Some are still idiots, like horror writer Stephen King:

Journalist Mike Cernovich summed up the sentiment:

Catturd chimed in, of course:

I admitted I was wrong.

Joe Concha had some positive thoughts about Americans coming to the logical conclusion… but we’ll see:

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert echoed sentiment many have shared about our newly “woke” military:

…so did Jack Posobiec:

…and Matt Walsh:

Daniel Horowitz reminds us about our fully-jabbed military:

Borders? What’s a border?

Greta Thunberg is hashtagging and Greg Pollowitz isn’t having it:

Kathy Mattice came with the truth:


Vladimir Putin has an unspoken message for Biden voters: “Thank you.”