So Few People Are Getting the Fifth Jab That We Should Expect the Imminent Surge of Fearmongering

When we get a win, we take it. There will be fearmongering, gaslighting, propaganda, and very likely a surge in some oddball variant of Covid-19 that will be used to scare up more booster adoption, but for now we can celebrate the fact that the American people seem to be waking up to the con, at least in part.

A report from Just The News indicates around 1.5% of Americans who can get their 5th jab, the so-called “bivalent booster shots” from Moderna and Pfizer, have actually done so. I covered this on the latest short episode of The JD Rucker Show.

Roughly 98% of People Eligible to Receive Latest COVID Booster Have Not Received One

Barely 1.5% of Americans eligible to receive the updated COVID shot have acquired one, according to federal data, a sign that U.S. antipathy to the shots is continuing to grow even as experts have insisted on the need to regularly receive a new COVID booster.

Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that around 98% of Americans who could receive the latest COVID booster have not obtained one. The CDC authorized the distribution of updated Moderna and Pfizer boosters earlier this month.

The low booster numbers come as COVID caseloads continue to decline in the U.S. after a modest uptick that began in May of this year. Deaths have remained largely flat over that time, suggesting that prior infection rates and vaccinations are helping to keep mortality rates low.

A factor likely to further limit booster uptake rates is Joe Biden’s claim earlier this week that the pandemic is effectively “over.”

Dr. Scott Roberts, a Yale Medicine infectious disease specialist, told NBC News that the low booster uptake was “demoralizing.”

“I would expect a much higher proportion of Americans to have gotten the booster by this point,” he said.

To counter this, it appears the powers-that-be are pushing for a new round of Pandemic Panic Theater. One way they may try to do this is by spreading the new subvariant to Omicron, BA.2.75.2. This subvariant, already spreading fast across India and popping up in other nations, including the United States, is five times more antibody-evasive than other variants and subvariants. Whether one has been jabbed or has had a previous strain of Covid-19, including the current prominent strain of BA.5, this new subvariant appears to sidestep immunity.

Hopefully, few people will fall for the next surge, and this latest report is promising. The people are waking up to both the lack of danger from Covid-19 as well as the inherent danger in the jabs themselves. We need to keep spreading the word.

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