Snuggly Pet Deals: MyPillow Dog Beds And Dog Blankets On Sale (Up To 50% Off!)

After Mike Lindell questioned the 2020 election, online pet store took MyPillow’s dog beds out of their store.

Other retailers canceled MyPillow, too — they tried to pressure Mike into backing down.

But Mike didn’t back down.

Instead, he bypassed the retailers and started working with conservative news outlets like The Liberty Daily to get his quality American-made products to the people — at a discounted price.

Now he’s passing the savings on to you!

By using promo code TLD at, you can get up to 50% off MyPillow’s pet products (The Liberty Daily also benefits from your purchase).

Check out these amazing dog beds at — now 50% off with promo code TLD:

Here’s what people are saying about MyPillow’s dog beds (use promo code TLD to get a discount!):

“Best dog bed I ever purchased. My German Shepard doesn’t want to sleep our human bed anymore he loves his MyPillow dog bed so much. Also, he’s a hot sleeper and this dog bed stays cool for him. Has held up very well in many washes. Thanks MyPillow!

“After buying one large bed it became apparent that a second was going to be needed as the dogs raced to use the first bed each night. Now 2 large beds and 10 months in I would have to say that my two Siberians love these beds. As for the beds themselves, they have held up so far, no signs of wear or tearing, even after mild circling and digging in the bed.

“My dogs absolutely love their mypillow dog beds! Even the tiny dog always goes right to her bed when we get home! They are very durable and absolutely worth the price!!!!!!”

MyPillow Dog Beds are:

— Made with the same patented fill as a MyPillow to help keep your dog cool and comfortable

— Have washable and dryable inner bed and removable, zippered cover

— Come with a limited 10-year warranty.

Click here to see more of MyPillow Dog Beds — use promo code TLD to get 50% off!

With the success of their dog beds, MyPillow has recently introduced dog blankets:

MyPillow’s dog blankets:

— Have a waterproof internal lining prevents liquids from seeping through

— Are machine washable

— Protect furniture, car seats and other areas from pet hair, dirt, spills, and scratching damage

— Has a plush fleece finishing for comfort

MyPillow’s dog blankets are up to 30% off when you use promo code TLD — see the colors available by clicking here!

People are saying:

“Our Longhair and Shorthair Dachshunds really prefer this blanket. We bought only one MyPillow blanket and constantly have to move one of the dogs back onto his own bed because he prefers the MyPillow blanket in the other Doxy’s bed, no kidding! We will be ordering another for sure!

The MyPillow Pet Blankets are fantastic! The dog loves his, all the cats love theirs. And they are definitely waterproof – my older dog proved that to me today…nothing soaked through, the couch stayed dry. GREAT PRODUCT!!”

Awesome quality that I’ve come to expect from MyPillow products. Purchased Pet Blanket and it definitely is waterproof. My little Munchkin baby, part Pomeranian and chihuahua who is 13 years old, put it to the test. Waterproof.”

To get your discount, look for this box at the top of the site:

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For more sale items at MyPillow, go to the The Liberty Daily discounts page by clicking here.

Thank you!