Small Plane Flies Over DC No-Fly Zone — Fighter Jets Scrambled — Plane Crashes in Rural Virginia

The skies over Washington DC were chaotic Sunday as a small plane flew overhead. Some reports indicate it even made it over the White House with Joe Biden inside. Sonic booms were being reported as explosions in  the nation’s capital.

F-16s were scrambled and the plane later crashed in rural Virginia. There is no confirmation that the plane was shot down by the military. According to The Gateway Pundit:

The plane that flew over Washington, D.C. Sunday afternoon and crashed in rural Virginia was allowed to fly almost right over the White House, according to flight tracking. The Capitol was briefly put on Yellow alert according to reports. A sonic boom heard in D.C. and in Maryland and Virginia without explanation by authorities caused a panic.

An image posted by BNO News shows the plane flying over Northwest Washington just blocks from the White House. Joe Biden’s schedule had him remaining at the White House for the weekend. There is no word yet on whether protective steps were taken to safeguard him.

ABC News reports that fighter pilots believe the pilot was passed out in the cockpit:

The jets, which were deployed from Joint Base Andrews, saw that the pilot of the aircraft had passed out, this official said. The plane subsequently crashed. Aircraft that are scrambled in this way are under the control of NORAD, and another U.S. official said that NORAD was operating in support of the Federal Aviation Administration.

A flight tracking website shows the craft had made it to its initial destination, Long Island MacArthur Airport in New York, but appears not to have landed — instead heading back toward the D.C. area. A fourth source said that the White House and U.S. Capitol were put on high alert but not “red alert,” which would have triggered an evacuation.

While it seems plausible that the pilot of the plane had a medical emergency and either lost consciousness or died midair, we can never accept the official narrative without confirmation. We’ll monitor and update when more is known.