Oliver Anthony

Singer Oliver Anthony Sets the Record Straight on His Political Views

When “Rich Men North of Richmond” became an overnight hit, the political divide was clear. Conservatives were promoting the song. Leftists were attacking it. But according to singer Oliver Anthony, it’s not that simple…

…or it may actually be far simpler than that.

Is he on the right or left? His answer was essentially “no.” He’s on the side of the people and feels both political aisles are broken. According to a post Friday evening:

I. Don’t. Support. Either. Side. Politically. Not the left, not the right. Im about supporting people and restoring local communities. Now, go breath some fresh air and relax. Please? :) I’m not worth obsessing over, I promise. Go spend time with your loved ones.

Ironically, his unintentional declaration against the UniParty Swamp � pitting us versus them rather than left versus right � will likely cause even more people to follow him.