Alec Baldwin

Shooter Alec Baldwin Deletes Twitter Account After Disastrous Interview

If anyone warned actor Alec Baldwin that it was a bad idea to do an interview to try to “humanize” him and take heat off of him after killing somebody, he didn’t heed their advice. Now, the actor faces potential legal ramifications and a lot more criticism. He nuked his Twitter account without warning, possibly to avoid the constant flow of hate coming from those who think he’s a murderer.

According to Fox News:

Alec Baldwin has deleted one of his two Twitter accounts following his tell-all interview with George Stephanopoulos about the shooting incident that took place on the set of the movie “Rust.”

The actor had two verified Twitter accounts, one of which he was much more active on and was the one he used to previously issue statements about the fatal shooting incident that took place on the set of the indie-western movie in October. However, following his interview last week, it seems the star has completely deleted the account labeled @AlecBaldwin. However, his account @AlecBaldwln____ remains live with the latest tweet being from October 19. Prior to that, it was only active in June.

It’s unclear why the actor chose this time to delete the account. Representatives for Baldwin did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Baldwin has not been charged with a crime, but the window for such an action has not been shut. His interview didn’t help as many legal analysts took to the airwaves to exclaim that it was a huge mistake trying to pull off a public relations move when he should be saying nothing to anybody but his attorney. Of particular legal interest are his claims that he didn’t actually pull the trigger.

Among the many revealing moments from the interview was the assertion from the 63-year-old actor that he did not pull the trigger that resulted in the gun firing. Instead, he claims that he was rehearsing the scene with Hutchins and that it required him to pull the hammer back on the firearm.

Independent journalist Emily Miller easily debunked this.

We will see if a leftist elitist like Alec Baldwin can weasel his way out of trouble like so many leftist elitists. If he does, he won’t be talking about it on Twitter, so there’s something positive in all of this.