Latinos for Trump

SHOCK POLL: Latino Voters Trust Donald J. Trump Over Dementia Joe . . . on IMMIGRATION

(Discern Report Newsletter)—The weeping and gnashing of teeth can almost be heard in the opening sentence of a recent article on left-wing propaganda outlet Axios: “Democrats no longer hold the robust advantage among Latinos they once did on immigration, according to a new poll.”

Not only is their advantage no longer “robust,” it’s non-existent. An Equis poll of 1,592 registered Latino voters showed 41% trust Donald Trump on immigration compared to only 38% trusting Joe Biden.

Latino Voters

Perhaps even more foreboding to Democrats than the shocking poll numbers are the reasons cited for why Latinos are switching sides: “Broken Promises” about the border. The constant gaslighting by people like Kamala Harris, Alejandro Mayorkas, Karine Jean-Pierre, and Biden himself has taken its toll due to the bald-faced lie about the border being “secured.”

It’s not secured and only the most devoted Democrat cultist would be deluded enough to think so.

The poll was practically a “push poll” that was intended to sway voters into favoring Biden over Trump so it’s very likely the real numbers are actually worse for Democrats. They simply cannot be trusted to keep anyone safe, Latino or not.

The iron is hot. The Trump campaign needs to strike, and to some extent they are doing just that. This month, they launched Latinos for Trump with a robust list of goals and calls to action to help educate Hispanic Americans about the lies they’ve been told for decades by Democrats.

The most important messages Republicans can echo are:

  • They’re not opposed to immigrants, just illegal aliens.
  • Their policies are not racist, they simply promote the rule of law.
  • Hispanic American citizens will benefit the most under another Trump administration just as they thrived during his first term.

If Republicans in general and the Trump campaign in particular raise the border crisis as their primary concern while reiterating the importance of Hispanic American citizens in the coalition, we could be looking at an historic landslide in November.

Source: Discern Report Newsletter