Sheriffs in Washington Counties Refuse to Enforce Jay Inslee's Draconian Mask Mandates

Sheriffs in Washington Counties Refuse to Enforce Jay Inslee’s Draconian Mask Mandates

Jay Inslee, Governor and Tyrant of Washington, has ordered face mask mandates statewide to take effect on Monday, August 23. But some sheriffs are starting to speak out and declare that they will not be enforcing the ludicrous, ineffective, and unconstitutional requirements on the people in their counties.

According to a Facebook post by the Benton County Sheriff’s Office:

We have received several calls about the Governor’s new mask mandate asking what stance the Sheriff’s Office has and what actions will our office take.

To be very clear, The Benton County Sheriff’s Office will not be taking any enforcement action against any citizen, visitor, business, church, or any other individual, group or organization in any way for not following the Governor’s mandate. This office encourages people to wear their masks, but it is ultimately a personal choice every one of you will have to make.

All of you have been impacted one way or another and as a community we must face this together. We encourage everyone to understand how this impacts local businesses and individuals and encourage everyone to work together through these challenging times.

Benton County is not alone. Other sheriffs are starting to express similar reservations towards an order the tramples all over the rights of people for the sake of a disease that has a massive recovery rate for the vast majority of Americans. According to KOMO News:

Sheriff Jim Raymond tells Action News that his office also will not enforce this new mask mandate. A communication has been sent to all Franklin County Deputies that they will not deal with these matters in the county.

There are two lessons here. First, electing the right sheriff is far more important than most voters realize. Second, more sheriffs across America need to follow the lead of these brave patriots standing up for the Constitution.

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash.