Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Attorney Larry Klayman to Fight Anti-Police Biden Regime

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Attorney Larry Klayman to Fight Anti-Police Biden Regime

Here’s an interesting development. A press release was forwarded to me today that actually caught my attention. I read dozens every day that rarely catch my interest, but when Sheriff Joe Arpaio and attorney Larry Klayman are the topics, my interest is piqued.

Sounds like something cool and important is brewing…

America’s Sheriff Takes on the Anti-Police Leftist Agenda of the Biden-Harris Regime

(Boca Raton, Florida, July 20, 2021). America’s Sheriff, spearheaded by America’s toughest lawyer Larry Klayman and America’s toughest sheriff, Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be in Washington D.C. to introduce America’s Sheriff and its mission. “We are stepping up to protect the police because Biden and Harris won’t do it,” said Klayman.

It is in our face now America. Just two days ago the city of Philadelphia, the birthplace of liberty, announced its 300th homicide, putting this year on course to set a new record. Days ago, a 1-year-old child was shot and killed in the “City of Brotherly Hate!” And then just this weekend, a 6-year-old girl was shot and killed in a drive by shooting while waiting for a bus outside Washington, DC. As if that is not enough, this past Saturday July 17, 2021, in Washington D.C., at a Nationals game there was a shooting in the parking lot, sending fans and attendees running for their lives. This is our nation’s capital and Biden and Harris both have been too busy using the FBI as their own “Gestapo” rounding up January 6, 2021, peaceful protesters and pushing potentially deadly and experimental Covid vaccines to take real action to clean up the swamp in which they dwell.

This is what you get! This is what you get when we cater to BLM when they storm the streets, burning and killing at will. It’s coming to your backyard next. The leftist media has poisoned the minds of Americans by showing police officers as the suspect in cases in which they feared for their own lives, as well as protected the lives of others. This is also what you get when you defund the police. The police are so disrespected and stretched so thin in number and resources that they can’t possibly serve and protect the public. This leftist game is over.

America’s Sheriff will be hosting a conference in Washington, DC. America’s Sheriff will discuss protecting the police and moving forward against the leftist supported criminals that have destroyed our public safety. In the meantime, today we are filing a case for Philadelphia police who were fired without cause by the leftist mayor and Soros-elected district attorney for postings on social media. Stay tuned!