Setting Aside the Fact That Democrats Can’t Define What a Woman Is, Chi-Com-Compromised Democrat Eric Swalwell Is “Ready to Stand up for Women”

Eric Swalwell is a walking punchline. The fact that he’s still a Congressman is laughable, especially after his exposure as a national security threat after being groomed by a Chinese honeypot trap. Nevertheless, he still finds the gumption to weigh in on topics of the day, and it’s almost always fodder for those of us who recognize just how dimwitted he really is.

His latest attempt at virtue signaling came following news that Roe v. Wade may be about to be overturned by the Supreme Court. His Tweet started off very poorly in light of recent challenges the Democrat Party has with defining the word “woman.”

Are you ready to stand up for women? We will not agonize. We will organize. We will register the unregistered. Inspire the uninspired. And over the next six months we will save our freedom. Fired up. Not letting it go.

What makes all of this worse, beyond the fact that he telegraphed his real concerns by timing everything around the midterm elections with his “six months” timeframe, is that he truly believes his words are those of a statesman. I can picture him scrutinizing the Tweet for several minutes as he tried to get the wording just right. It came across sounding like the halftime speech of a bad football movie, but in his own mind he’s a total genius.

Anyone who has access to Swalwell should ask him two questions. 1) How many preborn babies were never allowed to grow to be women because of the demonic act of abortion in America? 2) What is this “women” of which he Tweeted?