Senate Material? Read This Transcript of John Fetterman Talking About Football

Democrats are absolutely insane if they think John Fetterman should be anywhere near Capitol Hill. He’d be better as an officer for the Capitol Police than as a Senator. Before his stroke, he was a radical progressive with many views that would make Bernie Sanders cringe. After the stroke, he’s unintelligible.

Here’s his latest odd rant followed by an AI-deciphered transcript. As Buck Sexton noted, “You wouldn’t feel comfortable having this guy fill in for a shift at Dairy Queen, but Democrats think he’d make a great United States Senator.”

The summer of 1986, I, uh, I think everyone that ever plays how football in, in high school was, you know, at a, kinda like a trade, a trade out kind of, uh, football camp. And, uh, wasn’t, wasn’t there wasn’t any interest. I come play here. You.

Listening to John Fetterman speak is like hearing a word salad in a different language spoken backwards. America deserves whatever fate is in store if Democrats are able to cheat him into the Senate.