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Senate Committee Sneaks Provision Into NDAA Allowing Women to Be Drafted

Originally posted at Natural News under the title: “BREAKING: 2025 NDAA authorizes mandatory military draft of WOMEN across America… as Pentagon pursues global NUCLEAR war with both Russia and China at the same time”.

The FY 2025 National Defense Authorization Act initiates mandatory selective service registration for American women, putting in place the mechanism for a mandatory military draft of those women. This is mentioned alongside other highlights in the United States Senate Committee on Armed Services executive summary document posted by the US Senate at this link.

This news comes on the heels of the US House Armed Services Committee just approving an amendment to the NDAA that automatically registers all American males (within the draft age window) for the Selective Service System. This means all American males of draft age can be involuntarily drafter into war. This House vote was approved on May 22nd of this year, as seen in this US HASC video. The automatic draft registration was pushed as a way to “cut government red tape” and skip any requirement for men to “proactively register.”

So now, mechanisms are in place to draft both men and women, thus making sure that young “woke” men don’t evade the draft by simply “self-identifying” as women. It’s not yet clear whether America’s woke youth may attempt to self-identify as imaginary fantasy creatures, since there’s nothing in the NDAA that authorizes mandatory military service for wood fairies, tree elves or rainbow gnomes.

Equal opportunity = Equality opportunity to DIE for the regime.

Here’s a screen shot from the NDAA executive summary document released by the Senate, linked above:

As America’s psychopathic warmongers like Sen. Lindsay Graham are begging for global nuclear war with Russia, Iran and China, the rest of the pro-war government establishment is getting things ready to throw millions of young American men and women into the global war meat grinder.

Apparently, Ukraine has run out of men for the globalists to sacrifice on the altar of blood and power, so now they need to tap into European and American citizens. France, Germany and the UK are also discussing mandatory conscription, gearing up to sacrifice potentially millions of their own citizens who will, of course, be instantly replaced with migrants.

This is how “replacement theory” works. The mass murderers in charge send citizens to die in foreign wars which were entirely avoidable, while illegal immigrants take over their homes, jobs, communities and political leaders.

Russian president Vladimir Putin named simple conditions for peace in a speech given yesterday. These proposals, if accepted by Kiev and the West, would have immediately ended the conflict, halted the bloodshed and pulled the world back from the brink of nuclear annihilation. Importantly, Western leaders showed zero interest in peace with Russia.

They would rather see millions of their own citizens slaughtered in global war than to see peace in Europe.

From the description of that video on Brighteon.com:

BREAKING: Putin announces conditions for the start of negotiations between the Russian Federation and Kiev.

Ukrainian troops must be completely withdrawn from the territory of the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions

Ukraine must not join NATO

Russia wants a neutral, non-aligned, nuclear-free status of Ukraine

All Western sanctions against the Russian Federation must be lifted

The status of Crimea and Sevastopol, DPR and LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions as regions of the Russian Federation should be recorded in international treaties

If Kiev and the West refuse the new peace proposal, further conditions will be different, Putin said.

See the full text of Putin’s speech here

USA preparing for TWO nuclear wars at the same time

Notably, this NDAA authorization effort also: “Requires a DOD plan for deterring and defeating simultaneous aggression by two near-peer nuclear competitors, including requirements for nuclear force sizing.” (Page 4, same link as above.)

This means the USA is preparing for nuclear war with both Russia and China.

The draft is on. Men and women will be sent to war. The dollar will be printed into oblivion, leaving the American masses impoverished. The government will invoke the NDAA to seize all food and fuel supplies nationwide, and they will weaponize the scarcity of food and energy to inflict a mass die-off of the American people.

The occupying, illegitimate US federal government, after all, is not merely at war with Russia and China. It’s at war with the American people. And there’s nothing it won’t do to achieve mass death and destruction on a global scale.

Those who do not see this coming will be destroyed by it. Watch my recent emergency interview with Steve Quayle here to learn the full details of what’s about to go down: