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Bribery Biden’s corrupt government has made it clear that they have no problem labeling regular Americans as “domestic terrorists,” even if the suspects in question are concerned parents who want to know what their children are learning in school or US citizens peacefully protesting the left’s attempts to steal elections.

For that matter, Biden’s federal government has also had no issue pushing Big Brother legislation in the vein of George Orwell’s “1984,” as the administration threw its support behind the renewal of a surveillance state law over the summer.

The law, Section 702, would continue to allow the NSA’s wiretapping and data collection on U.S. soil and abroad for the “alleged” purpose of monitoring for foreign terrorist threats and espionage. It seems that law, however, has already been put into effect by this corrupt administration.

Just last week, Tucker Carlson while in Moscow preparing for his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, admitted that Biden’s corrupt government illegally spied on him and his team, stating:

“Almost 3 years ago the Biden Administration illegally spied on our text messages and then leaked the contents to their servants in the news media. They did this in order to stop a Putin interview that we were planning. Last month, we’re pretty certain they did exactly the same thing once again but this time we came to Moscow anyway.”

Explaining how he knew the NSA broke into his text messages, Carlson said, “they admitted it.”

“If you have no privacy, you have no freedom,” Tucker stated.

Freedom Chat, a conservative-based messaging app offers something that other platforms do not: complete and total privacy with verifiable end-to-end encryption, no storage of messages on the server, and no commercial use of user data.

Freedom Chat has hammered home their commitment to privacy and transparency by publishing a 20-page white paper that details their security protocols like which algorithms they use, as well as a step-by-step encryption analysis with snippets of their codebase. Freedom Chat, with their self-destructing messages, encryption verification, screenshot protection, and “sensors off” (which disables your camera and microphone to prevent any possible eavesdropping by big tech or nosey tyrants) is giving privacy back to users.

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Why is it free?

Freedom Chat is free for the first 50 messages you send, so you can try it without obligation. If you want to send more than 50 messages in a month, it’s only $2.95 for unlimited use.

How is it so cheap for unlimited messages?

Freedom Chat doesn’t store your messages on their servers – which means costs are low. Other messaging platforms pay millions to store messages – Freedom Chat doesn’t.

To see exactly how Freedom Chat works watch their 3-minute video tutorial below:

If a government agency, for example, wanted to access communication from someone’s phone by reaching out to Freedom Chat, they would be required to respond, legally. However, there would be nothing to see, thanks to the app’s verifiable end-to-end encryption, which prohibits anyone other than the intended recipient from reading a message. Better yet, there is also no storage of messages on Freedom Chat’s servers, so there would be no way to see what a user wrote since it was already removed from their servers.

Users can also decide whether to utilize self-destructing messages, images, and videos – which are automatically unsent after a specified period of time.

Freedom Chat is easy-to-use, aesthetically appealing, and has all the same user-friendly features of today’s big tech apps with more privacy-focused features and doesn’t sell or exploit users’ personal data for political gain.

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