Seattle's Decimated Police Force Struggles to Fill Basic Patrols, But City Officials and Local 'Journalists' Ignore the Crisis

Seattle’s Decimated Police Force Struggles to Fill Basic Patrols, But City Officials and Local ‘Journalists’ Ignore the Crisis

Seattle Police patrols have dwindled to the point of practical non-existence as the city continues its vaccine mandates that have reduced staffing to emergency levels. Criminals who have essentially owned the streets for over a year following the “woke” policies initiated by the city’s government are now even more empowered. And through it all, city officials and leftist local media have completely ignored the problems caused by vaccine mandates.

According to Jason Rantz at MyNorthwest:

Before the COVID vaccine mandate, Seattle Police Department staffing was a crisis. With only 1,048 deployable officers, the city is short between 400 and 500 officers for a city of this side. Now, thanks to Mayor Jenny Durkan sidelining over 100 officers for not complying with her mandate, staffing is a catastrophe in the making.

The SPD does not have enough officers to meet daily minimum staffing needs in any precinct. The department has been augmenting patrols thanks to officers volunteering from non-patrol units to respond to 911 calls. But in the weeks moving forward, there are dozens of unfilled patrols. Third Watch West Precinct alone is currently understaffed for the entire month of November.

What’s the response from the city leadership? They’ve been silent on the staffing emergency, pretending it doesn’t exist while downplaying the number of officers terminated over the mandate. And local media has barely taken notice.

Tucker Carlson chimed in on the topic last week:

The situation is deteriorating with every passing day. Who would want to be a Seattle police officer when the city abandoned them during the BLM summer of 2020, then betrayed them with draconian vaccine mandates that do nothing to protect them nor anyone else? And it’s getting worse.

The only thing Seattle officials and their left-friendly corporate media shills can do is put on a happy face and pretend like the crisis that rages across the city simply doesn’t exist. Meanwhile, criminals have found their favorite place to roam.

Image by Dllu, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.