Seattle Voting

Seattle Radicals Push Asinine Scheme to Allow Voters to Pick MULTIPLE CANDIDATES in Each Race

Why vote for one candidate when you can vote for any or even all of them? That’s essentially the pitch for a new initiative approved for the voters to decide upon in November.

According to KIRO7:

Initiative 134, backed by a volunteer-run voting reform group called Seattle Approves, would implement a change called “approval voting,” which would let voters support as many candidates for a given elected position as they would like.

For example, instead of reading “Vote for one,” primary ballots would instruct voters to “Vote for as many as you approve of,” according to a Seattle Approves news release.

If passed, voters will not necessarily select who they prefer in any given race. Instead, they’ll eliminate those they do not “approve of,” giving equal weight to everyone the voter checks off on their ballot regardless of how many candidates are running.

One of the risks is giving unscrupulous election personnel to add to their preferred candidate’s tally. Instead of having to collect blank ballots from mailboxes or other means, they’ll have plenty of ballots from those who voted for other candidates. They won’t need to somehow erase the original selection. If this passes, they can simply add to otherwise legitimate ballots.

Just when we thought wokeness couldn’t seep into something as straightforward as one vote per voter per race, radical leftists in Seattle came up with a new scheme that is truly inclusive.