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Scumbag Hunter Biden Drained Daughter’s College Fund for “Hookers and Drugs” But Corporate Media Yawns

There isn’t a lucid American on either side of the political aisle who thinks Hunter Biden is a good guy. Some may think he’s a victim of privilege. Others may believe that he’s the product of a father who should be investigated for how he raised his children instead of eating ice cream in the Oval Office. But nobody believes Hunter is innocent.

Add this to your list of why Hunter Biden is a scumbag. Very credible reports are emerging that he drained his own daughter’s college fund so he could party. The details from Discern Reporter are below but I wanted to point out the media hypocrisy first.

If Donald Trump Jr or Eric Trump had borrowed $5 from a relative and failed to pay them back, corporate media would have ran the story as if it was the most heinous crime ever committed. But this bombshell report reinforcing the reality that Hunter Biden is a depraved and unrepentant criminal has been completely ignored. This goes beyond bias or double standards. This is further proof that corporate media has no interest in the truth.

They only reinforce leftist and globalist narratives.

Here’s the article generated from the few corporate media reports available…

Reports Claim Hunter Biden Withdrew Funds from Daughter’s College Fund; Allegations of Excessive Spending Emerge

According to a recent report by the Daily Mail, Hunter Biden, son of U.S. President Joe Biden, allegedly withdrew $20,000 from his daughter Maisy’s college fund. The report suggests that Hunter spent the money on inappropriate expenses, including “hookers and drugs.” The information is said to have come from emails discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The Daily Mail states that on December 17, 2018, Wells Fargo bank reportedly alerted Hunter that his bank account balance was just 44 cents. In response, Hunter purportedly requested a transfer of $20,000 from Maisy’s college savings account. The report adds that in subsequent emails to his wealth managers, Hunter, who admitted to struggling with a crack cocaine addiction at the time, instructed them to “liquidate what you can.” He also asked that no funds from his accounts be used to pay bills belonging to his former partner.

The emails and messages included in the report allegedly show that the money withdrawn from Maisy’s account was used for various expenses such as paying for prostitutes, purchasing a high-end sports car, subscribing to sex webcam services, and other personal payments.

Another email highlighted in the report, sent by Hunter’s assistant Katie Dodge, reminded him of outstanding bills and expenses. Hunter’s response included instructions for certain payments to be made, while others were to be postponed. He also mentioned that Katie would receive only half of her paycheck, making a reference to a business partner allegedly imprisoned on death row in China. The presumed partner referred to is Ye Jianming, a Chinese businessman who disappeared from public view in 2018.

Fox News Digital has requested comment from Hunter Biden’s representative, but no response has been received as of now.

Hunter Biden recently appeared in federal court for his arraignment on charges related to making false statements in the purchase of a firearm and possession of a firearm as an unlawful user of a controlled substance. He pleaded not guilty to these charges. If convicted of all counts, the maximum potential sentence could be up to 25 years in prison, along with fines and supervised release.

It is important to note that these allegations have not been independently verified, and the article aims to provide a summary of the information reported by the Daily Mail. The outcome of Hunter Biden’s legal proceedings will determine the final judgment on these matters.