SCOTUS Blocks Dear Leader Biden's Medical Tyranny

SCOTUS Blocks Dear Leader Biden’s Medical Tyranny . . .

The Supreme Court blocked the Biden-Harris regime’s attempt to mandate vaccines for businesses with 100 employees or more on Thursday, marking an extraordinary victory for medical freedom and sending shockwaves across the business world. It was a 6-3 decision.

But not everybody was protected by the ruling as medical personnel must still be forced into vaccine slavery. According to Just The News:

The court allowed a separate policy, that requires vaccinations for most health-care workers at facilities that receive Medicaid and Medicare funding, to stand.  The court’s majority was doubtful that the administration possesses the legal authority to impose a workplace vaccine mandate.

Doubts were spreading on social media that a ruling would come down today, but the late-afternoon announcement allowed room for discussion on Friday ahead of a three-day weekend.

Early reactions on Twitter were predictable with vaxx-nannies crying foul and calling for Joe Biden to pack the supreme court while freedom-loving Americans rejoiced.

There is still plenty of work to be done as many companies have taken it upon themselves to mandate the jabs. But this ruling will prevent reluctant companies from being forced to comply with draconian measures.