Scott Perry

GOP Rep. Scott Perry’s Stock Keeps Going Up Among Conservatives

The House Freedom Caucus has had some conservative stalwarts as Chair over the years. Co-Founder Mark Meadows went on to be President Trump’s only effective Chief of Staff. Jim Jordan is a stud (despite backing McCarthy for now to retain his powerful Chair position). Andy Biggs has been making waves for years.

But none of them have done what current Chair Scott Perry is attempting to do. If he and his group of 19 other patriots can prevent Kevin McCarthy from being the latest RINO to hold the gavel of Speaker of the House and can then help a patriot take the position instead, he will stand out.

Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, and Byron Donalds are currently getting the bulk of the attention among the twenty who oppose McCarthy, but Perry’s role in keeping the coalition together should not be dismissed. And he sounds like he’s not going to back down:

Let’s hope he and his fellow patriots in Congress can continue to hold the line despite massive pressure from the Republican Establishment wing of the Uniparty Swamp. If he does, his status among conservatives will continue to rise.

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