Scott Adams

Scott Adams Spreads Epic New Meaning of Woke Acronym “DEI”

(DiscernTV)—Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a plague in American culture. It rewards mediocrity, stifles success, and generates rewards for those who did nothing to deserve them other than claiming an odd pronoun or having the right skin color. On some of our publications, we refuse to use the acronym, opting to switch the letters around to make it represent its real purpose in America: DIE.

This article is the exception to that rule thanks to Dilbert creator Scott Adams.

He didn’t come up with the new meaning of the acronym, but he’s spreading it to a wide audience of millions and it’s starting to stick.

Whoever came up with “Didn’t Earn It” as the description of DEI might have saved the world.

Normally, the clever alternative names people use to mock the other side’s policy are nothing but grin-worthy.

This one could collapse the whole racist system. It’s that strong.

Didn’t Earn It.” Wow. Spot on. Let’s all share this as the true meaning of the acronym DEI because it actually makes far more sense than the leftists’ version.