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Scientific Journal Tries to Hide Study That Identifies Issues With mRNA “Vaccines” That Could Have “Fatal Consequences”

Editor’s Note: Author Ethan Huff’s NeverTrump stance always shines through in his writing. The information below is important and we do not censor authors but we also do not necessarily agree with all of their sentiment, either. With that said, here’s Huff’s article…

(Natural News)—The peer-reviewed journal Nature published a study recently that identifies serious problems with mRNA (modRNA) “vaccine” technology “that could have fatal consequences.” You can’t read the study, though, because it was hidden from the public.

Biomedical scientist Dr. Lidiya Angelova, who was able to analyze the non-public study, says the reason this study was hidden might have to do with the fact that its contents are enraging and paint mRNA manufacturers (i.e., Pfizer, Moderna, and BioNTech) in a negative light.

“Is this because there is something in it that may enrage people and make them want to hold those responsible accountable?” Angelova asked after looking at the study, adding that there is “no data to two major issues that could have fatal consequences.”

“COVID vaccines never should have been given to humans,” she further stated.

Angelova says there are “strategies” that people who have taken mRNA injections can use to try to cleanse their bodies of “drug and vaccine toxicity.” That toxicity, by the way, can include immune disruption (i.e., autoimmunity), nanoparticle reactions, chronic inflammation, cytokine storm, and hypersensitivity.

The article itself, from what we can see, also clearly states that the “clinical use of mRNA in vaccines and drugs is relatively new, which raises important safety concerns that need to be addressed.”

Obama admits Operation Warp Speed was a clinical test “on billions of people worldwide”

Barack Obama recently appeared at the Stanford Cyber Policy Center to speak about what he sees as the successful implementation of Operation Warp Speed, which resulted in roughly 70 percent of the world’s population having received at least one mRNA injection.

“We’ve now, essentially, clinically tested the vaccine on billions of people worldwide,” Obama said, admitting that Operation Warp Speed, a product of the Trump regime, was basically a forced clinical trial of untested, experimental drugs.

Keep in mind that Donald Trump is still, to this very day, bragging about the role he played in creating and unleashing mRNA COVID injections. He says they were unleashed at warp speed rather than on the normal vaccine production timeline because of his presidency.

One particular area of research that was never even considered before mRNA shots were unleashed is LNP (lipid nanoparticle) mRNA toxicity. LNP-mRNA is now being identified as something that causes hypersensitivity reactions, or HSRs, which can manifest as:

  • Anaphylaxis
  • Myocarditis
  • Throat swelling
  • Respiratory failure
  • Hemodynamic changes

PEGylated lipid is said to be the most potentially reactogenic component of LNP-mRNA.

It turns out that only 1-2 percent of LNP-mRNA actually enters the cells. The remaining 98 percent is overlooked, spreading throughout the body, and particularly in the liver, as an allergenic substance.

LNP-mRNA accumulates in the liver, and it remains unknown how long it takes to break down and be released from the body. As it sits there, the worry is that it continues to produce toxic byproducts such as aldehydes that produce even more negative effects.

“The LNP-mRNA has many unknown effects on the body,” warns The Exposé (United Kingdom), citing Angelova’s work. “COVID-19 vaccines should never be given to humans, as has been known since the technology’s initial tests.”

“It’s time for another Nuremberg trial to begin,” wrote someone in the comments about how everyone, no matter their political party, who in any way contributed to the unleashing of toxic mRNA injections needs to be held liable for their crimes against humanity.

“And a real one this time,” responded another, “not the ‘Paperclip’ fraud version.”

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