Sad, Irrelevant Crooked Hillary Raising Funds Off Roe v. Wade Decision

Earlier this month, Hillary Clinton declared she’s not going to get her third loss as a presidential candidate in 2024. Why, then, is she suddenly fundraising off of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision?

The hint is in the wording of her Tweet. She wants to help Democrats “win elections at every level,” which signals she wants to be a kingmaker. Her husband never really was; heck, he couldn’t even secure the nomination for his wife in 2008, let alone her victory in 2016. But Hillary hopes to collect enough money to reestablish her family’s relevance in the Democrat Party.

There was a time not too long ago when the Clinton’s controlled the DNC. That power faded quickly after her last loss and the Russiagate scandal made her even less relevant. She hopes the final chapter of her life is somehow sparked by being a powerbroker, and Roe v. Wade is her entry point as a woman (though nobody in her party really knows what a woman is anymore) who was scorned by the Supreme Court and Republicans.

It’s a futile ploy. Very few, even in the Democrat Party, are foolish enough to give her any influence again. Hillary Clinton will finish her public life as having achieved very little after becoming a First Lady whose husband cheated on her in the Oval Office.