Russian Media Warns Europeans to Pay Attention or They’ll Be Eating Hamsters Next Christmas

Perceptions of Russian media outlet RT are mixed among conservatives. On one hand, they’re the propaganda arm of the Kremlin. On the other hand, suppressing them from being viewed, particularly by Europeans, is censorship.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, RT has been censored to varying degrees. To fight that, they released a propaganda video that is vulgar… though it may be accurate as well. In it, they depict the differences between Christmas 2021 in Europe versus Christmas 2022. Their predictions for Christmas 2023 are offending many, though sadly they may not be far from reality.

The video is below. I’m not a fan of publishing anyone’s propaganda but this one is newsworthy because it demonstrates how contentious things have become. When a “news” outlet is willing to make threats on behalf of their government, no matter how potentially accurate those threats may be, it tells us the old lines of decency have been erased.