Russell Brand

Russell Brand Demolishes Justin Trudeau and Any Covid Authoritarians Who Are Now Virtue Signaling About Ukraine

It’s disingenuous for world leaders who promote Covid authoritarian against the people to then condemn Russian authoritarianism in Ukraine. That’s the gist of the message comedian Russell Brand delivered in his most recent monologue.

The actor who has promote socialism for much of his amateur commentator career has been sounding more and more red-pilled in recent months. He denounces those, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who embrace the dictatorial governing style of the Chinese Communist Party. Brand hasn’t been a good socialist lately.

“If the reason this war is wrong is because it is against Democratic principles, then you must ensure that where it is possible, where there is no militarized state opposing your ability to be democratic, then you should be democratic,” he said. “Otherwise, you do not have the same argument.”

According to Louder With Crowder:

Yes, it’s true. Justin Trudeau didn’t invade a neighboring country. That would’ve been America, and we would have turned Canada into America’s waiting room. At least, in theory. I’m sure Trudeau has as little respect for our leader as the rest of the world does.

Trudeau didn’t invade another country. He did however strip his own citizens of civil liberties and freeze their bank accounts because they spoke out against him.

“You can criticize Russia for many, many reasons. You can condemn the actions of Russia quite rightly. What you CAN’T do is claim to be an exemplar of Democracy if whenever you get the opportunity to be tyrannical, you take it.”

Brand then tossed to the clip of Trudeau bragging about China’s dictatorship and how it was a great system of government. Trudeau admires tryants. And the first opportunity he had to be one, he was all about it.

While I’m not ready to embrace people like Russell Brand and Bill Maher for being on the right side of certain issues, it’s good to see leftists who are willing to speak out against the lunacy that followers of their base ideology have adopted.