RSBN Needs to Stop Telling Viewers to 'Follow Us on YouTube and Facebook'

CPAC: RSBN Needs to Stop Telling Viewers to ‘Follow Us on YouTube and Facebook’

Up front, let me say that I LOVE Right Side Broadcasting Network. They are bold and have put together the best conservative event livestreaming crew in the business (sorry OAN and Newsmax). The message I’d like to deliver to them is one of support even as I criticize. They absolutely need to stop promoting their YouTube and Facebook channels.

I heard it multiple times during their livestream of the CPAC Texas event. I was, of course, watching it on Rumble where they should be sending everyone. They should not be encouraging anyone to follow them on the Big Tech platforms. Why? Because these Big Tech platforms hate them, us, and America.

It’s a process. I understand that from a business perspective they cannot just pull the plug and delete their accounts. Those who are calling for that (and I saw many doing so in the comments on their Rumble stream) are not taking into account the employees and families who rely on the revenue RSBN still receives from Big Tech. Does it suck that they are still beholden? Absolutely. But they must expedite the process of weening themselves off the Big Tech teat.

Instead of saying, “follow us on YouTube and Facebook,” they should be saying, “If you’re watching us on YouTube or Facebook, we strongly encourage you to follow us on Rumble as well. Big Tech has demonstrated a willingness to block and suppress our content based on their radical progressive ideology. The end may eventually come for those channels, so if you’re watching us there, please find us on Rumble and watch us there instead.”

Yes, doing this will be painful. It’s even risky as YouTube or Facebook may take offense. Then, there’s the money. While Rumble’s revenue is good, it’s not comparable yet to the Big Tech bribe money they use to keep content producers beholden to them. It’s imperative that leaders like RSBN make the bold decisions necessary to either be ready for the eventual banhammer that’s going to hit them or to accumulate enough separate revenue to pull the plug themselves.

This message to RSBN comes from a “tough love” perspective. We want to see them work towards being completely off the Big Tech tyranny platforms that despise the freedoms America affords them. And us.