Outcast Meghan Markle Barred by Royals From Seeing QE2 When She Died

Rumors were spread quickly that the Duchess of Sussex, American Meghan Markle, had chosen not to see Queen Elizabeth II at her deathbed out of respect for her husband, Prince Harry. It turns out those rumors were spread to try to keep Markle from being embarrassed by the truth that she was not invited, or as TMZ put it, she was disinvited:

Prince Harry traveled solo to see his grandmother as she was dying, and that wasn’t by accident … Meghan Markle reportedly did not get an invite to be by her side.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl tells ET … it’s understood the Duchess of Sussex was not included in the reach-out to Harry when news came down that Queen Elizabeth was on her death bed, which explains why he made the voyage on his own.

This isn’t shocking news as the whiny former television actress has been a pain the side for the royal family ever since she wooed the British prince. Nevertheless, it’s funny that in her last moments, neither the Queen nor the royal family wanted anything to do with Harry’s wife.