Ron Paul Exposes the SMACKDOWN as House Dems Desperately Walk Back Letter Urging Diplomacy for Ukraine

Just when you thought there may be a bit of Ukraine sanity entering the Democrat Party, which once claimed to be all for peace, they learned the hard way that today’s Democrat Party has no room for anyone who isn’t a warmonger.

According to Ron Paul:

How it started: 30 Members of the House Progressive Caucus penned a relatively timid letter to President Biden suggesting a bit of diplomacy before we march to WWIII. How it’s going: The House Progressive Caucus almost immediately began furiously backpedaling from their own letter. Meanwhile the US 101st Airborne is in Poland and “ready to fight.” Also today – MSNBC pundit: if you worry about inflation, you might be pro-Hitler. What? Watch today’s Liberty Report: