Ron DeSantis Stop WOKE

Ron DeSantis Sets the Record Straight on the Difference Between Teaching History and CRT Brainwashing

Critical Race Theory is an abomination. It’s a scourge on our educational system because it distorts history and brainwashes children into believing that racism is such a huge problem today that EVERYTHING must be confronted through the CRT lens.

In reality, CRT is the basis for the most hideous racism in America today. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis addressed the lies being told about his “Stop WOKE” Act that will maintain real history in schools while eliminating the false and destructive perversions of Critical Race Theory:

“I will point out, because you actually will hear people lie about what we’re actually doing in the bill, and they’ll say, ‘They don’t want you to learn about history and all the key things,'” he said.

“Just understand in the state of Florida, it is required in Florida statutes to teach about all segments of American history,” he continued. “You have to teach about the Holocaust. You must teach about African-American history. You teach about the institution and the abolition of slavery. You teach about the failure of the post-Civil War amendments to take hold, and how you needed to fight for civil rights. We teach all of that because it’s real history and it’s important.

“What we will NOT do is allow people to distort history to serve their ideological goals.”

Critical Race Theory proponents often say that those opposed to it are changing history. This is gaslighting and deflection. These proponents are the ones who are trying to distort history by eliminating anything positive that Americans or White people have done while highlighting only crimes against minorities and their accomplishments.

This is the type of leadership we need to start seeing from every Republican governor. Ron DeSantis is setting the bar for state-level executive governance. It’s time for the rest of the GOP to wake up.