Ron DeSantis Puts Up Trump-Like Numbers for Reelection Fundraising

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis seems to be well on his way to reelection. He is very popular with a much higher approval rating than the razor-thin margin he won by in his first gubernatorial election. He’s getting national press every week, and even as leftist corporate media tries to smear him he seems to come out on top of every exchange.

Now, he can add a massive fundraising total to his list of accomplishments. As reported by Just The News [emphasis added]:

According to the most recent campaign finance reports made to the Florida Secretary of State, the governor received $109,869,159 in total contributions and spent $13,706,657 between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021. DeSantis is running for re-election in 2022.

And while the Republican Governors Association has kicked in $6.6 million, their Democrat counterparts may be planning to sit this one out. According to The Gateway Pundit:

Things are so bad for Democrats that The Democratic Governors Association is not making any financial contributions to candidates attempting to unseat DeSantis.

Republicans shouldn’t get complacent, not even extremely popular ones like DeSantis. Democrats demonstrated in 2020 that they are very capable of stealing elections. Moreover, Florida is still a purple state even though Republicans have made tremendous gains in both elections as well as voter registration.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to find a fault in how the Governor and his staff have handled both the administration and the reelection campaign so far.