From Roger Stone: This Could Starve the US Into Submission

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From Roger Stone:

Russia, with the help of China, is coming for us.

And it’s not a conventional method like war, nuclear or chemical attacks, or even another one of those silly things that will make us wear masks again.

According to a recently leaked intel from Homeland Security, this attack is a new kind of warfare that will attack our electric grid and could starve America into submission.

Thankfully, a United States war hero, White House insider and Purple Heart recipient Teddy Daniels has just released this emergency documentary that not only proves America is on the cusp of the biggest power outage in recorded history, but reveals rock solid evidence that this could start as soon as next week.

Plus, in Mr. Daniels’ shocking documentary, you’ll also discover what ex-army and veterans are doing right now to protect them and their loved ones.

The squid like device to protect your home from an EMP and blackout attack.

The Air Force’s secret to protect your computers and phones.

And even the infinite hydration secret to have access to fresh, drinkable water from any source.

So I urge any American or true patriot to watch Teddy Daniels’ short documentary right now before it gets taken down.

As you might know, many Americans believe they can survive almost anything.

But the evidence Mr. Daniels presents and the incredibly unique nature of this threat even has some of the strongest patriots afraid, afraid for their family, afraid for their friends, and afraid for our nation.

More urgently, when you watch Teddy’s emergency documentary right now, you’ll immediately realize that his report will be deleted by the powers that be as soon as they become aware of it.

Watch it right here while you still can.