Roger Stone Reveals Who He Would Draft to Run for President if Donald Trump Doesn't Run in 2024

Roger Stone Reveals Who He Would Draft to Run for President if Donald Trump Doesn’t Run in 2024

There is a lot of attention being turned towards current politicians to see who the heir apparent is to Donald Trump. If he chooses to run in 2024, he’s a certainty to get the nomination and anyone who challenges him would be demolishing their future prospects. But if he doesn’t run, there are many who hope to take on Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, or whoever the Democrats throw out there.

I had the pleasure of speaking to political mastermind Roger Stone today about everything ranging from his current legal actions to the Deep State. We discussed his future plans and how the Republican Party is starting to fill up again with RINOs. One of the persons we discussed thoroughly is arguably the front-runner to be the Republican nominee in 2024 if Trump doesn’t run.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is building a reputation in his state and across the nation, but Stone does not believe he’s the right guy to lead the party in 2024. If Trump runs, DeSantis would be making a huge mistake in challenging him. If he doesn’t run, Stone believes there is a far better option. He went so far as to say he would draft this person and he would be successful at it, too.

Stone, as do many patriots across the country, would love to see Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn run as a Republican for president. He explained why.

“We knew each other by phone and text a full year before we ever met because we were both being put to the test in the same federal courthouse in Washington DC.,” he said. “And I can tell you this guy is tough. Yes, he pled guilty because they threatened to indict his son. That’s how vicious these Mueller thugs are.

“But at the end of the day Mike Flynn decided to fight and he fought for his life and he won. And I know he would fight for this country that way, so I would seek to draft General Flynn for the Republican nomination. I’ve talked to him about that. You know, he doesn’t feel a burning need to be President. That’s precisely why I’d like him to be President.”

A big part of the red wave we’re seeing in America is being driven by people who are political outsiders. This includes people like truck driver Ed Durr who unexpectedly defeated a long-time powerbroker and Democratic incumbent state senator in New Jersey. It also includes people like Gen. Flynn. Even though he has been in the political game, he has never run for office. He has served this country and gone through hell as a result of his political appointment by President Trump.

Flynn was face-to-face with the Deep State and he came out victorious.

“I don’t want a person who has to be President because they want to be somebody,” Stone continued. “I want a candidate who wants to be President because they want to do something. And I would seek to draft him for the presidency in the event that Donald Trump does not run.

“I’ve gotten very close to he and his entire family. These are some of the finest patriots, the finest people that you can imagine. They’re just really fine people. And like me, General Flynn is deeply concerned at what he sees going on in Washington where essentially the U.S. Constitution is being suspended and our institutions like the Department of Justice and our court system are being used now politically to harass citizens who don’t agree with Joe Biden’s political narrative. So, I would seek to draft General Flynn and I think I would be successful at that.

It isn’t often that I strongly encourage people to watch or listen to an entire interview. Some people do, some people don’t. But this particular interview was exceptional from start to finish as Stone was absolutely spot on with assessments of our current and future political state. He discussed his personal life as well, describing his wife Nydia’s fight against cancer.

When we started talking about the Deep State and his own bouts with them, Stone took off his jacket to tackle the topic. He exposed many of the people years ago who are now being confirmed as complicit in Russiagate. Vindicated and confirmed, Stone has become more powerful than ever before to continue tearing down The Swamp and the Deep State who are attempting to destroy the United States.

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