Roger Stone Rang the Alarm About Fiona Hill in 2017

Roger Stone Reinstated on Twitter, Notes Old Posts Were From “Before My Faith Walk”

The last time Trump confidant Roger Stone Tweeted was October 27, 2017. Over five years later, he’s back thanks to Elon Musk having him reinstated.

Stone released a video today talking about the reinstatement among other things. He noted that the last time he was on Twitter, he wasn’t a born-again Christian. Now he is.

“I haven’t really had a chance to examine my Twitter feed,” he said. “I’m sure people can recognize that that was many years ago. I’m a different person today. This was before my faith walk. This is before I was redeemed in the blood of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and I’ve changed my life in many ways. I’m certain when I go back and look there are things that I said that I will regret. There are probably also things that I said that I don’t regret. But as President Richard Nixon said, ‘Never look backwards. Always look forward.'”


Having Stone’s voice back in the mix should make Twitter feeds across the world better.