Roger Stone Rang the Alarm About Fiona Hill in 2017

Roger Stone Rang the Alarm About Fiona Hill in 2017

Fiona Hill may be in a lot of trouble. It’s hard to tell with the John Durham investigation whether anything will come from it because he is still beholden to the Deep State Department of Justice populated by Biden-Obama pawns, so it’s wise to temper our excitement over yesterday’s indictments. Nevertheless, impeachment witness Fiona Hill, who was ballyhooed by the Democrats for her “brave” testimony against President Trump, is named in the indictments.

It has been public knowledge since the first impeachment that Hill is a huge anti-Trump leftist who was brought in by corrupt former National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster. But one man was ringing the alarm bells two years before her name became widely known. Trump confidante Roger Stone appeared on InfoWars with Alex Jones to alert us about the duplicitous White House mole.

As Jack Posobiec from Human Events said, “And now you know why they went after him.”

Hill’s history is pocked with radical leftist red flags. Perhaps most alarming is her bearhug support of Open Society Foundation, the George Soros group that has been spreading Neo-Marxism across the globe and making strong headway in the United States through progressive extremist organizations. Hill fits right in with Soros’ goal of uprooting the foundation of America.

With Merrick Garland calling the shots in the DoJ, it’s hard to fathom anyone other than a few sacrificial lambs actually getting in real trouble over the Russian Collusion Hoax. Hopefully Fiona Hill will be among that group.