Joe Biden

Rogan O’Handley Identifies the Single Reason Banks Are Collapsing

Depending on the economist, one can receive dozens of answers about why they think so many regional banks are suddenly collapsing. It was Covid, they’ll say. It’s Russia. It’s Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Tech, and Big Government. Some will even say it’s just a temporary course correction.

But as millions of Americans suffer through a horrible economy, rampant inflation, and increasingly severe recession, there’s one common theme that ties it all together. Or, to be more accurate, there’s one man who’s behind it.

As conservative attorney Rogan O’Handley noted, the culprit sniffs children:

Nothing to see here Just another financial institution collapsing Remember when we had a successful businessman running our economy instead of a cognitively impaired kid sniffer?

As the banking collapse continues, it really isn’t even our biggest financial problem. But it’s staring us in the face right now and the Biden-Harris regime seems impotent to do anything about it. Perhaps that was the plan all along.

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