Robert Kennedy Jr Says Fauci Is 'Carrying Water for the Pharmaceutical Industry'

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Says Flip-Flopping Fascist Fear Fuhrer Fauci Is ‘Carrying Water for the Pharmaceutical Industry’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr has been an “anti-vaxxer” since before it became common in the age of Covid. Throughout his career, he has watched and analyzed the various players pushing drugs onto people from Big Pharma, and one name can continuously popped up for the last five decades.

Anthony Fauci is a pawn for Big Pharma, according to Kennedy. There is no other way he could have survived in the industry as long as he has. In an interview with Theo Von, Kennedy laid into Fauci and others who have been denying the science in the name of science. He has more information in his book, The Real Anthony Fauci.

Here’s the interview:

People like Anthony Fauci love to talk about medical statistics surrounding Covid-19. These numbers are easily to twist and manipulate. But you’ll never hear them talk about the deadly effects of the reactions to the pandemic. Lockdowns, face masks, “vaccines,” denial of critical care… as Kennedy noted, nobody’s doing a study on the death rate for unemployment. We must take a serious look at the bad things that are coming from Fauci’s policies. He does not represent proper science.