Robert Francis O’Rourke Is Trying to Win Texas by Abandoning His Own Policies

In all my years reporting on politics, I’ve never seen a batch of candidates from either major political party abandon their own policies like we’ve seen Democrats do over the past couple of months. It’s been quite comical with Joe Biden declaring that Democrats will “fund the police” after spending the last three years screaming to defund them.

But even Joe Biden’s sudden reversals are nothing compared to Robert Francis O’Rourke’s, also known as “Beto.” The Texas gubernatorial candidate isn’t just reversing himself on big issues. He’s actually reversing himself on the issues he held most dear the last time he ran for office in 2020.

Then, he wanted to take away our guns. Today, he suddenly doesn’t. But perhaps the more important reversal (he would never be able to get gun legislation passed in Texas) is that he’s now abandoning his Cultural Marxist history that he’s been cultivating his entire political career.

You know your party’s policies are bad when you have to echo the talking points of the opponents in hopes of salvaging votes.

According to Twitchy:

Now O’Rourke is trying to distance himself from CRT in the obvious hopes that he doesn’t turn off independents and moderates in the state…

Try not to get run over by O’Rourke running away from the Left’s positions during his quest to be the next Texas governor!

Ha! Get that in an ad pronto.

The good news for Beto is that he has a better chance of winning in Texas by not saying what he’s always said in the past. The bad news is doing so brings his chances up from zero to one in a million.