Robby Starbuck Releases First Campaign Video, Gets Rare Rand Paul Endorsement

Robby Starbuck Releases First Campaign Video, Gets Rare Rand Paul Endorsement

Senator Rand Paul does not endorse many candidates. His America First mentality means that he is very particular about which Republicans get his coveted endorsement. He will not endorse those who will continue the Washington DC trend of bloating government, pushing endless wars, or embracing the Neo-Marxist doctrines of the radical left.

This is why his endorsement of Congressional candidate Robby Starbuck is such a big deal. Running in Tennessee, Starbuck is an outsider who has never held political office. But his experience in Hollywood and his embrace of conservative principles have helped him achieve strong credibility on the right. That combined with his family’s escape from Socialist Cuba gives him insights into what to do and what NOT to do in government.

“I don’t endorse many people for Congress, but I’m endorsing Robby Starbuck because he’s one of the good guys,” Paul said in Starbuck’s first campaign video. “He’s one of the guys who really will go to Washington and do as he says. He’ll vote for smaller government. He’ll vote against the endless wars.”

“It’s time for District 5 to have a representative who represents Tennessee instead of special interests in DC.” Starbuck told The Liberty Daily. “That’s why I’m running for Congress and that’s why I’ll win this race.”

Paul has been one of the few vocal Senators willing to go against the Establishment in their relentless pursuit of bigger government. Starbuck has embodied the same mentality through his work as a filmmaker and political pundit. But he draws his concern for the direction of America from his personal history.

“Robby knows about socialism first-hand,” Paul continued. “His family escaped socialism in Cuba. We can’t let socialism come back to our country.”

It takes a solid commitment to American exceptionalism and the pursuit of liberty for the individual to earn Rand Paul’s endorsement. Robbie Starbuck plans to bring those tenets to DC and serve TN-05 as their Congressman.