Boston Children's Hospital LibsOfTiktok

Robby Starbuck Has an Idea About Who Called in the Boston Hospital Bomb Threat and Why

When popular social media account @LibsOfTiktok reported on child hysterectomies being performed at Boston Children’s Hospital, it caused a whirlwind of negative corporate media coverage. It also got her Twitter account suspended again. But the primary focus of corporate media was the alleged threats against staff at the hospital following the exposé.

Yesterday, a bomb threat was issued to the hospital, prompting a police investigation and evacuation. As expected, corporate media and leftist shills instantly blamed @LibsOfTiktok for the threat, but conservative pundit Robby Starbuck has a different theory.

Find the culprit. I’m willing to bet that this was a hoax call done by a leftist who’s desperate to blame @libsoftiktok to try to get her banned off social media.

Bomb threats and other acts of domestic terrorism have been harnessed by radical leftists for years. That’s not to say nobody on the right would ever commit such acts, but we’ve seen a much higher prevalence from so-called “progressives.”

Starbuck is likely right. This doesn’t seem like the type of action a concerned America First patriot would take. We generally try to expose the wrongs of the nation and fight them with protests, legal maneuvers, and rants. This smells like a radical leftist false flag threat.

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