Talbert Swan

Robby Starbuck Asks Elon Musk to Address Twitter’s Double Standard on Racism

Racism is racism. It doesn’t matter if it’s White against Black, Black against White, Hispanic against Asian… it’s bad no matter which direction it’s pointed. There was a time when America understood this. Unfortunately, the pendulum has swung so far that racism against Caucasian people isn’t allowed to be considered racism.

Former Republican congressional candidate Robby Starbuck pointed out how this is the case on Twitter and asked Elon Musk to address it, highlighting Tweets by “Bishop” Talbert Swan that are so unambiguously racist, it’s unfathomable that anyone can delude themselves into thinking otherwise.

Hey @elonmusk, Longtime Twitter issue has been different rules for different racism where racist tweets like these can refer to white people in all kinds of bigoted ways but never face consequences like they would if they used slurs against other races. Will this change?

If you replaced the word white with any other race and tweeted these things, you’d be banned online, you’d lose your job and your life would be ruined. For some reason it’s acceptable to say about white people though. That’s not okay and must change. Slurs are slurs. @elonmusk

I’ll never forget the moment during the Democrat presidential debate in 2016 when the candidates were asked, “Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter?” It was a no-brainer to me that some if not all the candidates would be lucid enough to realize that of course all lives matter. Call me a moron, but I was shocked when all of the candidates declared that Black Lives Matter.

That was the moment when I realized the left was no longer interested in equality. It’s also around the time period when I understood their push for equity over equality was a purely political move designed to play to the base emotions of superiority with some misguided sense of retribution to drive minority voters to embrace them.

What Twitter and other social networks have experienced in recent years is a cognitive dissonance at its purest. To them, condemning racist statements against Caucasians is racist itself. That must change. Will Elon Musk have the guts to stand for what’s right?