3D-Printed Meat

Rise of 3D-Printed Frankenmeat Is a Gateway to The Great Reset and Ubiquitous Bug Burgers

The powers-that-be keep trying to make fake meat happen. It’s been challenging as adoption has not been quite what was anticipated; Beyond Meat recently announced cuts of 19% of their workforce, and it’s not just due to the economic downturn in western society. They and other artificial meat companies have thus far failed to reach many people other than vegans and vegetarians. It peaked a couple of years ago as a curiosity but many found the fake food too disgusting to eat regularly.

Technology continues to advance as they find new ways to not only produce the “meat” but also to get it out to the masses. This is important to the powers-that-be who are pushing for “The Great Reset” because weaning people off of actual meat is one of their stated goals. They realize it will be a very slow process to get the masses moved to the most climate-friendly form of protein — insects — so they’re hoping to accelerate the process by improving on lab-grown protein products.

After finding limited success in the United States, they’ve now turned to Europe to be their launching point. It makes sense since food shortages from sanctions in the Russia-Ukraine war and supply chain disruptions across the globe are making Europeans more desperate. As they work to bring down costs and increase availability of “Frankenmeat” while simultaneously inflate prices of real meat, they will attempt to normalize non-meat protein as the primary component of diets for the masses.

But that’s not the endgame.

The globalist elites’ vision of Neo-Marxism — currently known as The Great Reset or the 4th Industrial Revolution — requires economic hardships for the masses in order to succeed. Even with technological advances, pseudo-meat could eventually become too expensive for average people, and that’s by design. This stepping stone will make it easier to make eating bugs more acceptable when it’s forced on the masses.

A short article from Zero Hedge and an accompanying video by Reuters highlight the push to eliminate actual meat as they advance us down the path toward tyranny. As Tyler Durden notes in his article, “would you willingly eat this?”

Israeli Company Introduces 3D Printed “Meat” As The Future Of Food

Despite plunging interest and falling stock prices, multiple companies around the globe are still attempting to promote fake meat substitutes into a highly limited market that does not want them.  Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat were the last failed attempts to use soy, bean and pea proteins to simulate the burger experience, going so far as to partner with fast food franchises like Burger King And McDonald’s, only to have these programs cancelled because of lack of sales.

Artificial meat and the removal of meat from the public diet has been an ongoing agenda of the UN for several years, based on the claim that animal farming releases too many greenhouse gases that contribute to “climate change.”  There is still no concrete scientific evidence to support this conclusion, given that the world’s overall temperature has only increased less than 1 degree Celsius in the past century according to the NOAA. Nevertheless, the establishment marches forward with its goal of a vegan population by 2050.

Israeli company Redefine Meat is entering the field in Europe with a method for 3D printed lab grown steaks instead of the typical burger alternative.  Besides the process looking rather grotesque and unnatural, it is highly unlikely that a meat paste substitute will ever come close to the taste of a real steak.  Ask yourself, would you willingly eat this?

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