John Rutherford

RINOs Like John Rutherford Will Go Against Trump and the American People to Spite Matt Gaetz

Congressman Jim Jordan is qualified to be the next Speaker of the House. He has a strong level of support in the Republican caucus. But he needs nearly the entire caucus to become Speaker and unfortunately there are those within the party who still dream of the UniParty Swamp’s puppet, Kevin McCarthy, returning to the position.

And they all hate Congressman Matt Gaetz.

Among those opposed to Jordan for the sake of spiting Gaetz is Congressman John Rutherford from Florida. Here he is expressing why he won’t vote for Jordan:

But Rutherford isn’t just going against Gaetz and Jordan. He’s opposed to President Donald Trump, who has endorsed Jordan. He’s also opposed to Republican voters who have overwhelmingly approved of Jordan as Speaker of the House.

Any GOP member of Congress who is against Jim Jordan, Donald Trump, and the American people must be censured by their district’s party and primaried next year. Their allegiance is to McCarthy and the Swamp, not America.