RINO Crybaby Adam Kinzinger Got One Right by Admitting “Patriot Front” Are “Federal Officers”

Adam Kinzinger is an idiot. That’s why it’s hilarious that one of the few things he got something right, it was because he was trying to attack actual conservatives who were going after fake patriots.

Unfortunately for Kinzinger, he got the group wrong. It wasn’t Patriot Front. It was Rose City Nationals. He got the city wrong. It was Portland, not Boston. He even got the circumstances wrong, claiming it was a “MAGA assault” instead of the reality that the Proud Boys were protecting themselves by driving away provocateurs from a peaceful protest.

Here’s Kinzinger’s Tweet:


Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald called out the hilarity:

Imagine being wrong so often, the one time you get something right you actually get ridiculed. That’s Adam Kinzinger’s life.